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Gold3™  Global On Line Database


High capacity data storage & distribution

HERMES GOLD™ provides an image data server facility with fully automated archiving of data on high capacity disk drives in a RAID configuration. HERMES GOLD™ allows a typical department's entire PET and nuclear medicine image database to be stored on-line.
Comprehensive search tools allow stored data to be located easily and efficiently using a powerful data search engine based on 30 configurable search keys such as patient name, patient ID, exam, label, date range, study type (e.g. transverse volume).
Studies may be stored in original format with no loss of information and can be sent back to most originating systems. All relevant information is grouped in folders.
Studies can be accessed directly from the HERMES GOLD™ patient list and multiple archives can be used to separate different types of studies. HERMES GOLD™ performs duplicate checks to prevent multiple copies of a study being stored.

Seamless connectivity

HERMES GOLD™ can connect to any DICOM enabled modality, PACS, RIS/HIS and any DICOM or non-DICOM gamma camera and/or PET/CT. HIS/RIS


HERMES GOLD™ can be linked to the local radiology or hospital information system (HIS/RIS) using HL7, DICOM Worklist, or customized protocols and integrated with an external PACS system for both data retrieval and storage.


HERMES GOLD™ can also be a Worklist server (Basic DICOM Worklist SCP):


HERMES GOLD™ can distribute demographic information to any DICOM system with Worklist SCU capabilities.


HERMES GOLD™ can also be configured for non-DICOM system integration: HERMES can collect the demographic data in a non-DICOM way and distribute the data either as Basic DICOM Worklist or send it to many non-DICOM systems using native transfer protocols, and data may still be synchronized with a HIS/RIS system even if the originating system cannot accept worklist information in any form.


HERMES GOLD™ can distribute the maximum amount of demographic patient data that the receiving imaging system (e.g. PET/CT console) can handle in preparation for acquisition. HERMES can append all HIS/RIS information
to the acquired data and studies can then be exported
from HERMES with the correct unique identifiers and
consistent data fields assigned by the HIS/RIS in order to
maintain an integrated, efficient data workflow.

Radiology Modalities

HERMES GOLD™ provides the possibility of importing data from other modalities (e.g. RTP, MRI, CT, US) using DICOM. Any CT DICOM system can be connected to HERMES, including but not limited to: GE Lightspeed CT, GE HiSpeed CT, GE NXI CT, Picker CT, Marconi MX8000 CT, Marconi PQ5000 CT, Marconi PQ5000 CT, Siemens Somatom CT, Siemens Leonardo and 3D Virtuoso CT/MR Workstations,
MagicView CT workstations.
Any MRI DICOM system can be connected to HERMES, including but not limited to: GE Signa MRI, GE Horizon MRI, Siemens Symphony MRI, Siemens Magnetom MRI, Philips MRI, and Hitachi Open MRI.
The MultiModality™ application will perform image co-registration and fusion with studies from any modality.



HERMES GOLD™ can also be integrated with an external PACS system for both data retrieval and storage.

HERMES GOLD™ can perform Query/Retrieve from PACS or images can be pushed to HERMES from PACS. Any PACS DICOM system can be connected to HERMES, including but not limited to: Siemens PACS, AGFA IMPAX PACS, DR
PACS, GE RADWORKS, GE Centricity PACS, Canon PACS, Kodak PACS, Philips PACS and Sectra PACS. RTP


HERMES GOLD™ can be used to connect to any DICOMcompliant radiotherapy planning system and imports the planning CT scans into the HERMES GOLD archive. PET scan can be co-registered with the planning CT and the coregistered PET data exported to the RTP system. In this way co-registered PET data can act as a complement to the planning CT to aid in dose planning.


HERMES GOLD™ has already been connected successfully to the following RTP systems: Varian Helios RTP, Adac Pinnacle, Nucletron Plato™ RTP, and CMS RTP.
Bone Mineral Imaging

HERMES GOLD™ connects directly using TCP/IP to any bone mineral imaging system which provides DICOM communication. HERMES has already been connected to a Hologic system.

Secure Communication

HERMES GOLD™ can also be used to distribute data securely to other HERMES centers over public networks using 256-bit AES encryption. If there is no direct connection via the hospital network, and there is a need to read studies from another hospital, a CD reading facility is available within the GOLD software.


 HERMES can print to any Postscript or DICOM printer which is connected on the network.

Screen Capture

HERMES can generate JPEG, PNG or GIF images of any print output. HERMES can also generate animated GIFs of movies, MIPs, Dynamics and Gated Studies




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