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Hybrid Viewer™

Hermes Hybrid Viewer™ Module
HERMES processing - Viewing - Reporting
•Complete System for True Efficient Workflow
•Complete System for Any Modality Reporting

•Complete system for any Vendor’s system

Image Above - Multi-Time-Point PET-CT
Example of a 68 year old patient presenting with lung carcinoma. Multiple time-point PET-CT studies were performed during various courses of chemo and radiotherapy.
The automatic volumetric alignment and automatic tumor definition allows for an analysis of Total Lesion Glycolosis for all 8 time-points to be performed in just 20
minutes. The graph shows a comparison of the different VOI metrics for the lesion in the mediastinum. Without HERMES™ tools, the physician time for this analysis
would have been impractically long, resulting in only a ‘visual assessment’ of response to therapy.
Images courtesy of Dr. He Wei, Shanghai Hua Dong Hospital, Shanghai, China



Fast & Reliable for PET/CT / MR SPECT/CT/MR NM DR US

 Very Fast to load and read large datasets.

 Several datasets can be loaded simultaneously and viewed together.

 Scroll speed through slices

Display with single, dual, third and fourth monitor sync

 Ability to customize Graphical User Interface (GUI) to your own individual

 Easy-to-use and intuitive

 Sync between studies

 Corrections between studies in time and movements

Reading and Reporting Tools

 Ability to read studies from all Vendors

 Fusion overlay with adjustable transparency

 Quick change of CT Window / Level Settings

 Quick change of Upper and Lower Thresholding

 SUV based on

Lean Body Mass

Body Weight

Body Surface Area

New options
 Roving display of Hounsfield and SUV units

 Linear Measurements

 Triangulation in real time of Transverse, Coronal and Sagittal

 Ability to generate MIP movie of CT, PET,MR, SPECT and fusion

 DICOM, DICOMDIR, and/or with fusion viewer for referring physicians

 Writing Reports in Microsoft Windows, any language

 Voice translator module


 2D ROI and 3D VOI quantification with statistics

 Ability to save ROI and VOI objects and export to RTP as DICOM RT

 Ability to save statistics and export as ASCII, XML, etc.

 Ability to fuse and compare serial studies of the same subject

Export of Studies and Report
 Export tools







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