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Gastric Emptying

Hermes Hybrid Viewer™ NM Processing Gastric Emptying



• Motion Correction
• Calculations from geometric mean images
• Three types of curve fi tting

Summery of features

• Motion correction using manually adjustable regions of interest. For each image frame the user can manually adjust the position of the ROIs in order to fully cover the stomach.
• If posterior images are available, the ROIs are fl ipped horizontally to match these images
• Correction for downscatter for dual isotope studies
• Background correction if requested
• Decay correction
• If anterior and posterior frames are available, calculation of the geometric mean of the counts in the stomach region
• Three types of curve fi tting, Linear, Exponential and Siegel, based on algorithms described in the literature
• Graphical display with images, input data and calculated results
• User selectable interval for curve fits

Quantitative Results

Percentage Residual Activity calculated at user specifi ed times, using selected curve fit.
Time at 90% washout using selected curve fit.
Half time using selected curve fit.


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